On a mission to democratize financial infrastructure.

Extending Bitcoin native infrastructure to realize decentralized finance.

Bitcoin native and open core.

The hub for enterprise Bitcoin adoption.


Distributed Nodes on the Network


Bitcoin network uptime since inception (2009)


Completed Bitcoin transactions


Countries accessible to Bitcoin network

Our open core and Bitcoin only approach

All our products are developed as open source projects, with open communities of users, contributors, and partners collaborating on their development. We sell commercial software that builds on open-source products with additional capabilities for enterprise workflows. We focus on the Bitcoin ecosystem due to its unique monetary profile, ethos, and track record of security.

Founded in 2022

Nate, our founder, saw a need for critical infrastructure and tools to meet demand and accelerate Bitcoin adoption.

Based in Austin, TX

We are located in Austin, the mecca of bitcoin development and a stronghold for freedom.

Bitcoin Operators

We have over three decades of collective technology and Bitcoin operations experience in a enterprise context.

Pioneers with passion

We invest countless hours and resources to identify workflows and build technology that enable Bitcoin operators.

Loved by Bitcoin operators

Open Core

All our products are developed with an open core methodology and supported by thriving open source communities.

Bitcoin Focus

We build  Bitcoin native infrastructure and work to continue differentiating Bitcoin from "crypto".


We are taking a unique perspective on business transformation using this once-in-a-generation monetary technology.

Deep Expertise

We have a team of elite bitcoiners with decades of experience in Bitcoin native and enterprise technology.

Workflow Based

We take Bitcoin operator centric workflows and build solutions to enable them.


The market needs a holistic Bitcoin operating model and solutions that can extend across the ecosystem.

Our Core Values

We break down barriers to a Bitcoin-based economy – working to democratize finance.

Customer First

Get Ship Done

Stay Humble

Open Source

The Team

Aleks Svetski
Head of Growth & Strategy
Matt Donovan
Head of BitOps
Nate Castillo
Founder & CEO
Head of Innovation
Phil Castillo
Clayton Schroeder
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Our mission is to democratize financial infrastructure.

Customer First

Putting our customers first is the only way to ensure we are building solutions that make a difference and deliver results. We measure our success by the relationships we build and the respect we earn from exceeding expectations.

Get Ship Done

Executing is in our DNA, we always find a way to deliver results and enable bitcoin operators to do the same. Execution with the highest standards is how we make an impact.

Stay Humble

No one is perfect, so ego shouldn't get in the way. We value humility, compassion, and a mindset of lifelong learning.

Open Core

No one entity or individual should have a monopoly on ideas. To truly democratize finance it needs to be for all and not the few. We develop products with an open core methodology for this reason.

Want to join us on this mission?

We are hiring in multiple disciplines and looking for Bitcoin operators that want to usher in a more open and free financial system with passion and humility.

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