A Bitcoin operating model and culture practice for business.

Modernize financial infrastructure with lower overhead and greater agility. No middleman. No merchant fees. Be your own bitcoin bank.

What is Bitcoin?

Hardest Money Ever

Due to its unique hardcoded properties, it is scarcer than gold and has a declining supply growth rate. Making Bitcoin the hardest money humanity has ever seen.

Fastest Money Ever

As a payment network, it achieves fastest final borderless settlement across all assets. As a peer-to-peer payment rail it can be used without any intermediary.

No uncertainty about protocol rules.

No counter-party risk. No credit risk.

Uniquely different from all tradfi assets.

The only institutional grade digital asset.

The hub for enterprise Bitcoin adoption.


Distributed Nodes on the Network


Bitcoin network uptime since inception (2009)


Completed Bitcoin transactions


Countries accessible to Bitcoin network

What is a Bitcoin operator?

Professional Bitcoiner

Has a robust understanding and mastery of Bitcoin's monetary profile, ethos, and ecosystem.

Business + Bitcoin Savvy

Able to align, build, and implement Bitcoin native technology to create measurable impact and value.

Collaborates to identify areas of bitcoinization.

Provisions bitcoin and lightning infrastructure.

Educates and guides on best practices.

Continuously optimizes and aligns the strategy to key objectives.

Participates and gives back to the ecosystem.

Are you a Bitcoin operator?

Bitcoin's unique monetary properties

The hardest money ever invented.

Available 24x7 and anywhere in the world.

International payments possible without intermediaries.

21st century global digital free market will grow around bitcoin.

The most advanced, cost effective, and secure value storage across time and space.

What is BitOps?

Operating Model

An operating framework for organizations to leverage Bitcoin tech with the highest operating standards, security, and safety.

Bitcoin Flywheel

Accumulate value and make an impact for the long term with the hardest and fastest money humanity has ever seen.

Enable organizations with best practices and technology.

Operate with greater efficiency and reduced risk.

Continuously optimize for improved economics and security.

Participate and give back to the ecosystem.

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Embed our workflow based solutions into your natural operational cadence to reduce friction and maximize efficiency.


With the power Bitcoin enables this is a piece of critical infrastructure to continuously optimize for improved economics and security.

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