Announcing Bolt Node and Bitcoin Cache

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December 12, 2022
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Announcing Bolt Node and Bitcoin Cache

               At Lucent Labs, we believe that infrastructure enables innovation, and that bitcoin native infrastructure will provide the foundation for decentralized finance in a bitcoin-based economy. Our core mission as a startup is to democratize financial infrastructure and extend it to every organization.

             We aim to solve the core infrastructure challenges of bitcoin adoption by enabling an operating model that unlocks and increases the potential of a bitcoin-based economy. Our bitcoin operating model, i.e. BitOps provides consistent workflows and a standardized approach to automate service delivery of bitcoin native infrastructure: infrastructure provisioning, liquidity management, secure self custody, extending & integrating across the ecosystem, and real-time analytics. With our standardized approach and technology products, companies of all sizes and in all industries can accelerate their time to value, reduce cost of operations, and improve their security and governance of their bitcoin infrastructure.

             Organizations today are undergoing a digital transformation across every business function, driven by competition, and increasing consumer expectations. Underlying this digital transition is a shift from private banking ledgers on static legacy mainframes programmed in COBOL to a dynamic and decentralized public ledger relying on the bitcoin time-chain to maintain immutable records and settle transactions at the speed of the internet. Inconsistent, fragmented technologies and processes are time consuming and resource intensive to manage, exacerbated by inefficient workflows that cannot facilitate scaled, real-time operations. This digital transformation demands a bitcoin operating model for financial technology, requiring automation to provision, secure, connect, and run bitcoin infrastructure at scale, in real-time, and the optionality to run in a self-sovereign way. At Lucent Labs, we pioneered the BitOps framework and are building technologies that enable bitcoin operators to be successful in delivering impact and value to their organizations.

With this context, we are pleased to announce development of two new products (Bolt Node and Bitcoin Cache) that will be available for initial beta release in the coming months:

  • Bolt Node is our bitcoin and lightning infrastructure provisioning product that allows practitioners to easily set up and scale bitcoin native infrastructure dynamically. Bolt enables Bitcoin operators to apply a templated approach, where processes and configurations required are codified and automated instead of being manual. Our objective is for Bolt to be infrastructure neutral by supporting both public and private cloud implementations. It is our opinion that a  hybrid and distributed approach to infrastructure will be necessary and important to mitigate risks of regulatory capture, but still maintain resilience and availability. 
  • Bitcoin Cache is our secure bitcoin treasury infrastructure for customers to secure their private keys with programmable custody workflows, merkle tree-based proof of reserves capabilities, and disaster recovery best practices. Cache makes it easy for bitcoin operators to setup, verify, and secure their organizations bitcoin with a customized custody solution for the long term.

Today, we expect our software to be self-managed by users and customers who will deploy it across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. However, we will also offer the Lucent Labs Cloud Platform, or LCP, a fully managed cloud platform for multiple products that will accelerate bitcoin adoption by addressing resource and skill gaps, improving operational efficiency, and speeding up deployment time for customers. 

Despite the macro economic impact on markets and bitcoin’s price, we are head down building and working to realize our mission to democratize finance. If you’d like to learn more or join us on this journey you can participate in the following ways:

Nate Castillo
Founder and CEO at Lucent Labs

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