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Announcing Bitcoin Operations and Advisory Board

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October 5, 2022
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Bitcoin to disrupt the next decade

Lucent Labs is excited to announce our bitcoin operations (BitOps) framework and founding advisory board members. As many organization struggle to develop strategies and comprehend the potential impact and value that bitcoin can bring to their mission we

  1. Digital Transformation. Organizations are increasingly digitizing their business, driven by competition and the expectation of consumers to have rich experiences across a wide range of platforms and technologies. This digital transformation is elevating the importance of software and shifting focus to the ability to deliver new features and services.
  2. Digital Asset Adoption. Organizations across the global are shifting increasing proportions of their financial infrastructure and reserves to digital assets. With the acceleration of adoption in 2020 by large institutions, enterprises, and sovereign nations many are starting to develop strategies and looking for expertise to capitalize on.
  3. Multi-national and Multi-Bank. Modern startups and enterprises are increasingly multi-national entities thanks to therise of the internet and e-commerce. The legacy financial infrastructure hasbeen slow to adopt innovation making expansion incredibly painful, expensive,and resource intensive. Ultimately, the friction of international banking isslowing down economic productivity and growth at increasing costs. Most largebusinesses do not use a single bank to conduct global operations, but multiplebanks, creating complexity, risk, and significant challenges

An operating model for a bitcoinized world

Lucent Labs embraces the power of disruptive technology, proven methodologies, and bold leadership to create value and success for customers. Our mission is to help customers capitalize on the three trends mentioned above while maximizing value and reducing risk. 

After 100+ customer and expert interviews, successful proof of concent, and thousands of hours of research, we’re excited to announce Bitcoin Operations:

BitOps (aka Bitcoin Operations) - With the acceleration of bitcoin adoption in 2020 by large enterprises (Microstrategy and Tesla) as well as sovereign nations (El Salvador), early adopters are positioning themselves to capitalize on the future asymmetric upside for this nascent monetary technology. In 2021, Bitcoin outpaced VISA and Mastercard with $13.1 trillion in global payments on its network, solidifying its position as a viable enterprise settlement network. BitOps helps enterprises and startups centralize their finance, operations, and IT teams to streamline bitcoin treasury management, lightning payments, manage operations, and optimize for improved economics and security. With BitOps, our clients can reduce risk and maximize the opportunities presented by this nascent monetary technology while hardening their balance sheet for the long term with our open-core bitcoin operations platform and BitOps frameworks.

We encourage those interested in the growing bitcoin economy to accept our offer for a free consultation to align these workflow based solutions and methodologies to your own operational cadence and objectives. We offer a open-source and commercial produces providng the flexibility for any large and small teams to get started. Reach out to our team at to get started or schedule your free consultation here.

Founding advisory board members

Lucent Labs is proud to add two new leaders to its advisory board. These members will be trusted to guide Lucent's company roadmap and leadership team as we align customers to their goals in the bitcoin based economy. 

  • Phil Castillo - A transformational CRO in enterprise technology and founding advisory board member for Sales Community. Phil has led go-to-market teams at Denali, Oracle, Commscope, HPE, Avaya, and Cisco. Phil brings 30 years of expertise and business acumen that will be invaluable to our team and customers. We are grateful for Phil’s support as we accelerate enterprise bitcoin adoption. 

  • Clayton Schroeder - A business technologist and Vice President of Information Technology. Clayton has led technical teams and innovation efforts at Brinks Home, CBRE Group, JCPenney, and Accenture. He brings 20+ years of expertise in business process improvement and digital transformation that will be of immense value to our team and customers. We are excited to have Clayton’s support and expertise going forward as we build our enterprise platform.

Nate Castillo
Founder and CEO at Lucent Labs

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