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Announcing Three Team Members to start 2023

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February 22, 2023
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From left to right: Matt Donovan joins as Head of BitOps, Aleks Svetski as Head of Growth & Strategy, and Ramin as Head of Innovation.

Lucent Labs proudly announces three new senior hires this month to lead the company's continued growth and innovation throughout the current economic downturn.

The additions to our core tribe set the foundation for the next chapter of Lucent’s growth and  innovation. We started out by pioneering with BitOps to make it easy for organizations to operationalize Bitcoin into their culture. We are now emerging as a leader to empower organizations globally with the operating model and enterprise infrastructure to remove roadblocks in Bitcoin adoption. Aleks, Matt, and Ramin bring the deep experience as accomplished builders and leaders to continue building a world-class company.”  Nate Castillo, Lucent Labs Founder and CEO.

Aleksandar Svetski, Head of Growth & Strategy

Aleks joins as Lucent’s new Head of Growth & Strategy. He brings fifteen years of growth experience as a serial entrepreneur, author, and father of the Bitcoin-only DCA movement. Aleks most recently published The UnCommunist Manifesto and announced The Bushido of Bitcoin to be released later in 2023. Aleks previously co-founded Amber as the first Bitcoin accumulation app in Australia and is now available in more than 30 countries supporting thousands of bitcoiners.

The world needs better money - most people just don’t know it yet, and if they do, might not know what it is or how to get set up. There’s enough people solving this for consumers, but nobody doing it for the prime movers and shakers of the world i.e. business owners. Lucent is going to change that.”

Matthew Donovan, Head of BitOps

Matt joins as Lucent’s new Head of BitOps. He brings a decade of enterprise finance and procurement experience for Fortune 500 brands like Ventura Foods. Matt started his successful professional career after getting his MBA at Drucker & Ito Graduate School of Management. Matt has one of the most complete understandings of the Bitcoin ecosystem and is a highly regarded Bitcoin evangelist.

With firsthand experience of financial repression in legacy banking systems, enabling peer to peer transactions is something I believe is essential for a more balanced future.

Ramin, Head of Innovation

Ramin joins as Lucent’s new Head of Innovation. Don’t let the Ultimate Warrior alias fool you, as Ramin brings deep technical expertise across multiple relevant technical disciplines as our “ultimate software engineer” from a decade as a software engineering leader in machine learning, enterprise cloud, and Bitcoin. Ramin is no stranger to startups, having been the first engineer at many and recently founding some of his own like EDOBTC. Ramin is a lifelong technologist, lover of Bitcoin, and talented engineer that is equally comfortable in the boardroom.

All companies will become Bitcoin companies, they have no choice - it’s just a question of when and how, and they’ll need software. While exploring this idea on my own, I found the Lucent team also trying to illuminate this dark area of the cave, so why continue going alone?

Nate Castillo
Founder and CEO at Lucent Labs

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