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We're a close knit tribe of builders, engineers, leaders, and Bitcoin operators building software to democratize finance.

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We are looking for bitcoin operators to help us on our mission to extend Bitcoin native infrastructure and tools so the world can realize decentralized finance. We have pioneered the BitOps framework as a operating model for organizations to align Bitcoin technology to accumulate real impact and value.

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We are a remote first organization, but have an emphasis on Bitcoin centric locations.

We give resources to improve health, time for recovery, and invest in wellness. We prioritize well-being so that you can bring your best self, perform with intensity, and make an significant impact on our mission.

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Open Core

All our products are developed with an open core methodology and supported by thriving open source communities.

Bitcoin Focus

We build  Bitcoin native infrastructure and work to continue differentiating Bitcoin from "crypto".


We are taking a unique perspective on business transformation using this once-in-a-generation monetary technology.

Deep Expertise

We have a team of elite bitcoiners with decades of experience in Bitcoin native and enterprise technology.

Workflow Based

We take Bitcoin operator centric workflows and build solutions to enable them.


The market needs a holistic Bitcoin operating model and solutions that can extend across the ecosystem.

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